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Freedom Fries – I don’t think so! (via Integr8!)

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As a French instructor and head of the World Language Department at CHS I often hear student comments such as ‘Why do we have to do this?’ or ‘When am I ever going to use this?’ or ‘What does this have to do with me?’.  I am honored to take this opportunity to let everyone know the answers to these questions. Since two semesters of the same world language are required not only by the State of Tennessee but nation-wide to get into a university, cl … Read More

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Google Docs – TMNashville

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Google Docs provides the users the ability to create documents, spread sheets, presentations and forms free of charge and in-tandum with other users.

In Plain English:

Google’s Take:

Google’s Ideas for What you can do with each type of document and “Getting Started Guides” for each one:


  • free
  • cross-platform
  • embeds in blogs and wikis
  • VERY similar to accepted word-processors and other programs
  • Can be as PUBLIC or as PRIVATE as you want it to be
  • does not have ALL the functions of the desk-top versions
  • does not maintain higher-order formatting from Office and Word unless document is saved as a PDF file
  • must be able to access it – sometimes schools make this difficult

Yodio – Integration Ideas

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Yodio Home | Overview | How-To | Integration Ideas | Artifacts

Rather than my accumulating ideas – how about you post how YOU see you and / or your students using Yodio in the academic year to come?