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Word – Part 2 – Pocket Reference Card

In Tech on 1 December, 2009 at 22:08

I started with this: Pocket Reference Card Blank Temp

Please note that this is a front/back project. The front is page 1 and the back is page 2 of the documents.

I clean it out to make this: Pocket Reference Card blank

Using the same process mentioned in my ‘Business Card‘ post, my students created pocket reference cards about their monuments that end up looking like this: Pocket Reference Card

[btw – this is the church where I got married .. in front of the door that is the image on the right of the main image. =D]

Another way to use this template is to make trivia cards.  Front (questions) and back (answers) sides insert a simple, 2-column table [uneven].  The number of rows depends upon the number of categories in your trivia game.  One row per category please.

Here’s what Bruno’s about the Champs Elysée looked like: Trivia_cards_Bruno_PDF .  This one uses ‘Question 1’ , ‘Question 2’. etc as category titles because each card asks questions about one monument.

Then using the draw function in word I made a basic round gameboard . The Versailles game that this game board was made for had several categories – one per color.

These are some examples of how pre-service teachers changed the flow of the board to suit their own content and levels.

Example #1, Example #2, Example #3

Their game pieces were glue sticks cut into sections into which they stuck push-pins when they got a question right in a particular category. Color of the pin = to the color of the category.

Student researched, created, taught and played.

I could see using this with famous French people as well.

How do you see this being applied in your classroom?

Please leave a comment / idea to enrich someone else…and yourself.

Have a blessed day!


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