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Why I DO What I DO …

In Uncategorized on 30 March, 2010 at 22:28

Why would anyone want to teach these days?  I think this is a fair question to ask given the current pervasive economic, social and political climate in our country .. it’s almost all negative.  Pay attention to the nightly news and it is SSOOO simple to put your finger on ‘clear-cut’ reasons to find other fields in which to make a career.  I must admit, I tried ..

I suffered (yes, suffered) through scientific based calculus at an engineering university so I could be accepted into an MIBA program [I was.].  Through this I was going to find a placement in international business .. then God took over and saved me from a life of misery in a career I could NOT have enjoyed. I could have prospered professionally and financially, but I would have been in emotional poverty for a lack of PASSION.

I NOW have passion in my profession. I have a PASSION  …

…. for working with teens
…. for helping them learn HOW THEY learn best
…. for showing them that learning IS FUN
…. for helping them learn to laugh at themselves in a healthy way

…. for helping them see that different is not bad .. different is unique and unique is very, very cool
…. for modeling the fact that learning never stops
…. for finding the wildest, weirdest ways to help my students learn (CONFORMITY = PROFANE)
…. for passing on my passion for France / the French / anything francophone

And to think I tried to suppress this passion purposefully .. All through undergrad my major professor, Claire Brandicourt Saint-Léon, who was at the fore-front of integrating technology into foreign language education in the late 80’s and 90’s, would say to me:

Amy, when you have your own classroom and students you always want to contemplate … [ insert profound statement here]

When she finished [I always let her finish her statement] I would say to her:

Madame, I’m not going to have either of those things.

“Madame” would just nod her head patiently and remind me:

You always say that but you will promise to remember to think of these things I just mentioned, yes?

How does this story close?  Madame ALWAYS got her way! =D

This wonderful woman saw my passion LONG before I did and encouraged it at every opportunity albeit in her own unique way.  Had I only listened to the wise Madame Claire Saint-Léon I could have saved myself all that Calculus consternation .. but I am stubborn.    Passionate about so much .. but stubborn.

My prayer: that my passion holds and grows, that it [continues to] touches and transforms, and please Lord, give me that same wisdom to see MY STUDENTS’ passions and to help them see it, too.

Who saw your passion?

PS – I just found CSL on Facebook – can’t wait to reconnect!


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