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Google Docs – TMNashville

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Google Docs provides the users the ability to create documents, spread sheets, presentations and forms free of charge and in-tandum with other users.

In Plain English:

Google’s Take:

Google’s Ideas for What you can do with each type of document and “Getting Started Guides” for each one:


  • free
  • cross-platform
  • embeds in blogs and wikis
  • VERY similar to accepted word-processors and other programs
  • Can be as PUBLIC or as PRIVATE as you want it to be
  • does not have ALL the functions of the desk-top versions
  • does not maintain higher-order formatting from Office and Word unless document is saved as a PDF file
  • must be able to access it – sometimes schools make this difficult

Yodio – Integration Ideas

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Yodio Home | Overview | How-To | Integration Ideas | Artifacts

Rather than my accumulating ideas – how about you post how YOU see you and / or your students using Yodio in the academic year to come?