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Freedom Fries – I don’t think so! (via Integr8!)

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As a French instructor and head of the World Language Department at CHS I often hear student comments such as ‘Why do we have to do this?’ or ‘When am I ever going to use this?’ or ‘What does this have to do with me?’.  I am honored to take this opportunity to let everyone know the answers to these questions. Since two semesters of the same world language are required not only by the State of Tennessee but nation-wide to get into a university, cl … Read More

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Word – Part 2 – Pocket Reference Card

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I started with this: Pocket Reference Card Blank Temp

Please note that this is a front/back project. The front is page 1 and the back is page 2 of the documents.

I clean it out to make this: Pocket Reference Card blank

Using the same process mentioned in my ‘Business Card‘ post, my students created pocket reference cards about their monuments that end up looking like this: Pocket Reference Card

[btw – this is the church where I got married .. in front of the door that is the image on the right of the main image. =D]

Another way to use this template is to make trivia cards.  Front (questions) and back (answers) sides insert a simple, 2-column table [uneven].  The number of rows depends upon the number of categories in your trivia game.  One row per category please.

Here’s what Bruno’s about the Champs Elysée looked like: Trivia_cards_Bruno_PDF .  This one uses ‘Question 1’ , ‘Question 2’. etc as category titles because each card asks questions about one monument.

Then using the draw function in word I made a basic round gameboard . The Versailles game that this game board was made for had several categories – one per color.

These are some examples of how pre-service teachers changed the flow of the board to suit their own content and levels.

Example #1, Example #2, Example #3

Their game pieces were glue sticks cut into sections into which they stuck push-pins when they got a question right in a particular category. Color of the pin = to the color of the category.

Student researched, created, taught and played.

I could see using this with famous French people as well.

How do you see this being applied in your classroom?

Please leave a comment / idea to enrich someone else…and yourself.

Have a blessed day!

Word – Part 1- The Business Card

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OK – today’s trick boys and girls, is how not to re-invent the wheel. Templates, aka the wheel, are a lot of work to create … so let’s use the ones that Microsoft has paid a lot of people a lot of money to develop already.

Today: the business card online and a Business Card Template.

There are a lot of other styles, I chose this one … you may want another. That’s ok.

The end result is a Business Card featuring one of many monuments in Paris. Here’s the Word version if you’d like it: trading card.

I give them the template, a monument from a list and this information sheet Infos des Monuments to complete via email.

They insert their text into the template first; three to four short sentences in a bulleted list format.  Once the text in one card is how you like it in size and content, copy and paste it into the other cards.

For their image, I suggest to them that they insert it into another word document to re-size it prior to putting it in the template.  Once they have the image at the proper size, they can copy/paste it into the template, change the image ‘format’ to ‘in front of text’, repeat the copy/paste for each card and Voila!

They resubmit their completed project re-saved as lastname_card_theirmonument.doc and their info sheet as lastname_info_theirmonument.doc also via email.

We are on the block so this can easily be competed in a single lab period IF I prep them well the day before.

OK – the kicker is that after the students make this, they print it and they cut it up and then they do a TEACH AND SWAP!  In some organized fashion, each kid gives every peer a they made card teaching them what they found about their monument.

At the end of the period they have a card from each person in class and we do a basic poll: coolest photo, coolest piece of info, most informed, most excited … these kids do in a day what I could not do in a week or more!

Student researched, created, taught – teacher approved.

I could see using this with famous French people as well.

How do you see this being applied in your classroom?

Please leave a comment / idea to enrich someone else…and yourself.

Have a blessed day!